Whitworth Park

Whitworth Park
Oxford Road
M13 9NL
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A squirrel eating a nut in Whitworth Park on Oxford Road in Manchester
Ben Williams

Whitworth Park is 18-acres of green space which can be found opposite the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust at the south end of the Oxford Road Corridor.

The Park opened in 1890, it was created as part of the Whitworth Insitute in memory of English engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist Sir Joseph Whitworth.

When the Whitworth Institute was taken over by the University of Manchester in 1958, it became the Whitworth Art Gallery, which is now an award-winning art gallery one of the North’s cultural crown jewels.

In the park, you can find a number of monuments including a statue of Edward VII by John Cassidy, a First World War memorial and Anya Gallaccio’s “Ghost Tree”.

Whitworth Park is one of the most impressive parks in Manchester and well worth a visit.

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