Cafés & Coffee Shops

A picture of signage at Milk & Honey Cafe, printed on wood panels
Milk & Honey Cafe

As much as anywhere else in Manchester, the Oxford Road Corridor is packed with great examples of modern cafe culture. 

It’d be impossible to imagine a world without cafés and coffee shops. More than just a place to get a caffeine fix, these are social hubs where people make plans and form new friendships. As much as anywhere else in Manchester, cafés and coffee shops on Oxford Road are great examples of modern cafe culture. 

All kinds of cafes can be found here, from super-strength espresso bars to Taiwanese bubble-tea. From those serving as a place to relax with a hot drink and a book to energetic spaces acting as workplaces for busy freelancers who prefer to be around other like-minded people rather than working from home. 

But the locations covered here aren’t limited to your typical teas and coffees. You’ll find speciality cafes with multiple types of tea leaf, coffee shops that import the world’s finest beans, and everything in between. 

They’re all loved by locals and more than welcoming to visitors, with a refreshing lack of corporate chains. We recommend trying them all, from the nearest cafe to your home to that exciting-sounding destination tucked away down a side street. 

Each one of them is infused with that classic Mancunian positivity, providing an experience that covers much more than something to drink. We’ve selected venues with staff that are passionate about what they do, and you’ll find they all have a good selection of snacks to keep you going. Whether you want a sweet treat such as cakes or cookies, or a hearty, healthy brunch option, these cafes tick all the boxes. 

Whether you’re looking for the ideal spot to get some work done or simply want to watch the world go by, you’ll undoubtedly find your new favourite haunt in our guide to cafés and coffee shops on Oxford Road.

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