Brunswick Park

Brunswick Park
Brunswick St
M13 9PL
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A person with headphones on enjoying the sun in Bruswick Park
Ben Williams

Found opposite the beautiful Whitworth Hall, Brunswick Park was opened in 2018, on the former Brunswick Street site to benefit the students and workers of the Oxford Road Corridor, as well as visitors and the local community. The park is a central part of the University of Manchester’s Campus Masterplan vision.

An ideal location for a breath of fresh air, with seating areas, trees, shrubs, wildflower planting and pedestrian/cycle paths, it has the added bonus of views of some of the best architecture in Manchester.

Whether looking for a grassy space to sunbathe or seeking shade beneath ginormous trees, Brunswick Park is an idylic choice. One of the largest green areas near central Manchester, the park has plenty of seating areas, sprawling lawns and hidden nooks and crannies connecting it to lesser known green spaces within the university campus. Open to all, the park is located at the heart of The University Manchester, making it the perfect choice for lunchtime escapes, breaks and weekend relaxation.

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