The Whitworth

The Whitworth
The University of Manchester, Oxford Road
M15 6ER
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The Whitworth Gallery - Parkside
Alan Williams

The Whitworth was named the UK’s Museum of the Year in 2015 following a stunning £17m transformation, which saw the gallery double in size. Today, it continues to amaze visitors with its collection of over 55,000 works of art and textiles and has firmly cemented its place at the centre of the national cultural stage. 

The renovation of the Whitworth fully integrated the gallery into the park it calls home, with architecture designed to reflect and complement the beautiful setting. New spaces such as the Art Garden and The Cafe in the Trees work to seamlessly merge the outside and inside worlds, creating an oasis of greenery just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. If the sun’s shining, make time to enjoy Art in the Park, a walk through the wildlife and the art life of Whitworth Park. 

The Whitworth is part of The University of Manchester, and has been proudly operating as a convening space between the University and the people of the city since it was founded in 1889. The gallery is constantly evolving, driven by a mission to work with local communities and use art for positive social change in people’s lives. The gallery’s work is underpinned by three key concepts: Learning together, through making and doing; Creating a place of care, consideration and community; and Taking action. 

These concepts are reflected in the gallery’s artistic programming. From historic exhibitions to contemporary commissions, via indoor and outdoor events, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy. Arrive ready to be challenged and surprised, no matter your age or familiarity with the art world. 

A day out at the Whitworth isn’t complete without paying a visit to the Cafe in the Trees. This unique, light-filled space overlooks the park and the strikingly designed Art Garden and makes the perfect spot to sit and reflect on the highlights of your visit. The menu reflects the gallery’s commitment to sustainability: food is locally or ethically sourced from specialist suppliers and the menu changes to reflect seasonal ingredients. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, the Cafe in the Trees allows visitors to enjoy the great outdoors, whatever the weather.

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