40 Years of the Future: Painting at Castlefield Gallery

40 Years of the Future: Painting
Castlefield Gallery
24th March 2024 – 23rd June 2024

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Tricia Gillman, Carambola, 1982
Tricia Gillman, Carambola, 1982

40 Years of the Future: Painting welcomes back Sarah Feinmann, Tricia Gillman, John Hoyland, and Gary Wragg. Each exhibited as part of Castlefield Gallery’s 1984 inaugural programme. Large abstract paintings shown at the time, including Harvest 6.3.81 (1981) the centre-piece for Hoyland’s solo exhibition ‘Recent Paintings’, will return to Castlefield Gallery in March 2024. These works will be shown alongside later paintings by the same artists and the work of four ‘up-and-coming’ painters in the North West – Jamie Kirk, Robin Megannity, Azraa Motala and Katie Tomlinson. An unashamed celebration of painting, the exhibition will house powerful examples of abstract and figurative work. Some works are sombre and intense whilst others exuberant and bombastic.

Whether you are a painting enthusiast or simply curious about what painting can do, 40 Years of the Future: Painting will deliver a rich dialogue around the past, present and future of the medium, individual expression, the power of imagery and the politics of representation.

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