Hip-Hop Karaoke at Hello Oriental

Hip-Hop Karaoke
Hello Oriental
1st October 2023

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Asian food hall, cocktail spot, supermarket, bakery and rapidly evolving party space Hello Oriental is introducing the UK’s original Hip-Hop Karaoke party to its roster of epic Sunday brunching events.

Hip-Hop Karaoke, founded by DJ Rob Pursey with host Bobby Champagne Jr and a team of hip hop aficionados, has helped thousands live out their rap fantasies over the last decade.

Launching in London in 2001 and appearing at numerous festivals and venues worldwide, the 50th year of hip hop is the perfect time to bring the renowned brand to Manchester.

Manchester has a long and storied relationship with hip-hop, from DJs like the late Stu Allen and his iconic Sunday night Piccadilly radio shows to Greg Wilson in the late 80s, playing hip hop and electro to ravers at Legend.

More recently the Manchester hip-hop scene has exploded, with DJs like Styxlo and DJ Rich Reason promoting exceptionally crafted events featuring local MCs.

Manchester rappers and producers like OneDa, Abnormal Sleepz and, of course, Konny Kon with Children of Zeus, are all finding success within the broad spectrum of the genre, from rhyming, MCing and DJing to producing and bringing through new artists.

We can now throw Chinese and East Asian food hall Hello Oriental into the mix, with the three-story venue regularly holding its sold-out Sunday Brunch parties, where the emphasis is on party over brunch dishes.

The KOMPND Brunches, founded by DJ Styxlo, featuring hip-hop, afro beats and R&B, consistently draw a large crowd from the Manchester hip-hop scene, regularly selling over 200 tickets to a Sunday afternoon event.

Hip-Hop Karaoke is the place to let go of all inhibitions and feel the exhilaration of smashing it live on stage! There will be hundreds of songs to choose from, whether it’s old school gems from the 80s and 90s or the latest joints from Drake, Nicki and Kendrick.

Rob Pursey, the founder of Hip Hop karaoke, says: “Hip-Hop Karaoke is a euphoric, addictive experience and definitely something to cross off the bucket-list. It’s the public’s chance to experience what it’s like to feel real crowd energy as they take on the rhymes of their favourite rappers.”

He goes on: “I’ve been dying to bring the event to Manchester. The city has an exceptional reputation when It comes to having a party. The Hip-Hop Karaoke team have got so many friends and connections in the city, we can’t wait to see that Manchester energy coming through!”

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