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Hello Oriental
Unit 3B South Pavilion 2 Symphony Park
M1 7FS
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Hello Oriental - Rice Paper Pho

Manchester’s latest one stop food emporium Hello Oriental is an exciting new fusion destination, formed like a superhero collective from a diverse community of Asian street food specialists, bringing many businesses together in one unit so visitors will always have something new to try each time. A highlight of the prestigious Circle Square development, Hello Oriental is a new concept in food for Manchester’s thriving Oxford Road.  

Over the three floors you’ll find a world of delights. There’s a traditional Vietnamese restaurant serving proper sit down meals over several courses, with many a noodle broth and savoury crepe to tempt those new to this wonderful national cuisine, which centres around complex multilayered soups with carefully blended spices and seasoning. If you’re new to Vietnamese food, we suggest you dive straight in.  

There’s a Chinese bakery specialising in wonderful buns and pastries. A cafe serves those looking for a coffee and a sit down, or, why not get into the wonderful world of bubble tea.  

A fully featured supermarket downstairs has all the high quality ingredients for those looking to make food at home, from spice packets and sauces to authentic noodles and hard to find Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean specialties. 

There’s also a capacious food hall with rotating mini vendors. Expect roast beef, pork, and chicken, fancy buns, pho and fries. Spice is the word, with many flavours you just won’t find elsewhere. 

There’s also a massive range of wonderful desserts which are not only sweet, but cute. You can get ice-cream in the shape of a teddy bear, and all manner of Asian confectionery delights, such as watermelon flavour Kit Kat and candy floss and milkshakes. On top of all that there are also several bars trading in both beers and spirits sourced from all over the world, establishing Hello Oriental as a must-visit venue, day or night.    

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