Abnormal Sleepz + Friends at YES

Abnormal Sleepz + Friends
18th August 2023

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Abnormal Sleepz
Abnormal Sleepz

Abnormal Sleepz, the acclaimed Mancunian artist and producer is thrilled to announce the launch of his highly anticipated show at YES. The evning will serve as a platform for Sleepz to showcase his upcoming project, GINO’S EP an introspective and personal addition to his collection of self-produced music.

Abnormal Sleepz has established himself as a dynamic force in the industry, known for his unique style and heartfelt lyricism. With the release of GINO’S EP Sleepz looks to celebrate an array of new music alongside some classics. In addition to his mesmerising performance, Sleepz will be joined on stage by a lineup of talented artists, including long-time collaborator [ K S R ], renowned for his soulful sound and poetic lyricism. As well as a rising star of the Manchester scene, Prince The Kid, hailing from the ever-exciting Y2 Camp, Prince The Kid brings a fresh perspective and undeniable talent to the stage, promising an exhilarating performance at YES’ Pink Room.

This independently organised showcase is a testament to his dedication to his craft and commitment to spotlighting emerging talent. An electrifying lineup of artists is set to deliver an unforgettable night of music, with support from Manchester’s own DJ Kay.

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