Yann Tiersen at The Bridgewater Hall

Yann Tiersen
The Bridgewater Hall
15th February 2022

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Yann Tiersen

“I think there is a similarity between the infinite big and the infinite smallness of everything,” says Yann Tiersen. “It’s the same experiment looking through a microscope as it is a telescope.”

This exploration of the micro and the macro has permeated through much of Tiersen’s career, as an artist capable of vast expansiveness as often as he is intricate detail. This multifaceted approach can be heard in the stirring piano minimalism of 2016’s EUSA, to the full band intensity of albums such as Infinity and Skyline – not to mention earlier albums such as Le Phare, filled with idiosyncratic compositions and a variety of textures.

French musician and composer Yann Tiersen performs at The Bridgewater Hall in February in support of his latest album ‘Kerber’.

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