Welcome to the club with DJ Paulette at The Whitworth

Welcome to the club with DJ Paulette
The Whitworth
7th March 2024

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DJ Paulette Welcome to the Club

Join the Whitworth for a special event as they celebrate Manchester music legend, DJ Paulette and the release of Welcome to the club – a self-penned book about her 30-year music career. DJ Paulette will be in conversation with Afrodeutsche from BBC Radio 6 Music and music will be provided by Eves’Drop Collective.

DJ Paulette is one of the Haçienda’s first female DJs, Paulette has scaled the heights of the music industry, playing to crowds of thousands all around the world, and descended to the lows of being unceremoniously benched by Covid-19, with no chance of furlough and little support from the government. Here she tells her story, offering a remarkable view of the music industry from a Black woman’s perspective. Behind the core values of peace, love, unity and respect, dance music is a world of exclusion, misogyny, racism, and classism. But, as Paulette reveals, it is also a space bursting at the seams with powerful women.

In Welcome to the Club, DJ Paulette offers a candid and compelling perspective as a Black woman navigating a world riddled with exclusion, misogyny, racism, and classism, whilst simultaneously championing the powerful women who thrive within this creative space. With a career spanning three decades, DJ Paulette shares the soaring highs, the profound lows, and the invaluable lessons she has gleaned along her musical journey.

Published in January 2024, by Manchester University Press. Part personal account, part call to arms, Welcome to the club exposes the exclusivity of the music industry while seeking to do justice to the often invisible women who keep the beat going.

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