UNTOLD at Contact

UNTOLD at Contact Theatre

In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2024, Holding Her Space presents a heart-warming theatre production exploring a mothers journey.

UNTOLD, an emotionally charged and unflinchingly raw theatre production that ventures into the heart-warming and wrenching journeys and experiences of Black and Brown parents as they navigate the realities of maternity in the UK. This groundbreaking show strips away the façade of societal silence to explore the unspeakable paths trodden within these communities touching on mental health, cultural stigmas, and more.

Set against the backdrop of a emotionally invoking reality, the production weaves together past traditions and cultures through dance, songs, thought-provoking poetry, live music, and powerful movements to create a tapestry of storytelling that transcends joy, despair and loss. Through live performance and cinematography, UNTOLD uncovers the raw, unspoken truth of past generations of pregnancy and birth journeys through an intergenerational cast and connects us to the depths of some of the suffering mentally, spiritually and emotionally endured during the journey.

Join a heart opening journey exploring the past, confront the present, and demand change by shining a spotlight on these untold experiences and stories, whilst preserving the traditions and practices that make these cultures so rich.

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