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We’re All Just Wasps in Glass Houses at HOME

We’re All Just Wasps in Glass Houses
19th April 2024 – 20th April 2024

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I walk around the empty streets beneath the fog covering the sky. In this world of the abandoned, deers sprint over cracked pavements and the dust settles.”

We’re All Just Wasps in Glass Houses, is a devised piece of theatre by HOME’s exciting Young Company. Since the beginning of October, they have been working together alongside Kao Hove, and Rory Aaron, in building a world which is tinkering with chaos. Join them on this thought-provoking journey into Manchester’s apocalyptic streets, where you will laugh, cry, riot and even dance.

How would you act at the end of the world?

Would you join the riots?

Would you dance at the raves?

Or would you just continue going to work, and pretend like nothing out of the ordinary is happening?

HOME Young Company is a year-long Theatre program for young people aged 14 –18 who are interested in making youth-led theatre. Applications for 22/23 will open on Mon 15 Aug – find out more here.

Directed by Rory Aaron
Assistant Directed by Kao Hove

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