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Sonics, stories and scenes of the Diaspora at The Manchester Museum

Sonics, stories and scenes of the Diaspora
The Manchester Museum
1st July 2023

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Sonics, stories and scenes of the Diaspora

From Metz ‘n’ Trix to Manara, Asian Dub Foundation to UK Apache, M.I.A to Joy Crookes, South Asian diaspora impacts on the UK music scene and wider culture are immeasurable.

For this day-long takeover of Manchester Museum‘s South Asia Gallery, SEEN Magazine shine a light on this heritage and celebrate the sounds of global majority and South Asian diaspora artists making waves today. 

Building on themes featured in the Manchester Museum’s ground-breaking new South Asia Gallery, the event features live performances, DJ sets, screenings and panel discussions.

SEEN is a Manchester-based music magazine and platform, created by global majority and marginalised people. Founded by Tunde Adekoya, Kamila Rymajdo and Balraj Samrai, it celebrates unheard voices and enables communities to narrate their own stories, while connecting with scenes linked to Britain’s colonial history.

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