Balmy Army at HOME

Balmy Army
1st July 2023 – 17th September 2023

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Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

Balmy Army

A movement for youth-led mental health. This is art and activism rolled into one show – expect the unexpected.

‘Ever been told to ask for help? Then asked for help. Only to be told help wasn’t available?

(Maybe in six months, a few hundred miles away…)

Ever been told you’ve got a problem, but something inside you says: “Hmmm am not quite sure it’s JUST me?”

Ever get the feeling young people’s mental healthcare could be so much better?

Enter the Balmy Army. Over the past year young people, artists, madpride organisers, radical dreamers, disability justice doers and everyone else trying to cope have come together.

What do they want? Mental health support that works.

When do they want it? About 15 years ago…

From sharing poetry to making placards, to social media takeovers and mass acts of civil disobedience, everyone’s invited to join in. All of this work will accumulate into an exhibition being held here at HOME, featuring the Balmy Army’s writings, drawings, dreams and knowledge.

Don’t expect a static show. Think of it like a lab for action where anything (safe) can happen. This is a space to play, plan protests, give performances and even make your very own ‘Madidas’ t-shirt.

Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, supporting someone who is, work in mental health or you’re just curious, Balmy Army reminds us that mental health isn’t just about individuals – and that community, care and creativity are some of our greatest ways to heal.

You can drop in too and see what it’s all about. Keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities coming your way, but for starters you’re welcome to join the Balmy Army for a Welcome and Sharing on Sat 1 Jul, and a Movement and Call to Action on Sat 15 Jul.

Also part of this season

Tino Sehgal: This Entry
The Whitworth | Until 16 July 2023

Tino Sehgal presents a playful exchange between different masters of their craft. Premieres at the National Football Museum and the Whitworth.

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions 
HOME | Until 2 July 2023

The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions at HOME brings together theatre, dance and song for the ultimate anarchic bedtime story.

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

Economics the Blockbuster
The Whitworth | Until 22 October 2023

Economics the Blockbuster is a research and exhibition project, developed in collaboration with Alliance Manchester Business School and MIF.

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

Sonics, stories and scenes of the Diaspora
The Manchester Museum | 1 July 2023

SEEN Magazine and Manchester Museum shine a spotlight on the sounds of the South Asian diaspora for Manchester International Festival.

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

Sonic Geography
The Bridgewater Hall | 7 July 2023

Lose yourself in the world premiere of Sonic Geography by John Luther Adams, played by pianist Ralph Van Raat.

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

All Right. Good Night.
HOME | Until 8 July 2023

Weaving personal tragedy with catastrophe at large, All right. Good night. is a meditation on loss and how to deal with uncertainty.

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

Benji Reid: Find Your Eyes
Manchester Academy | Until 16 July 2023

Known for Afro-futurist images that seem to defy gravity, Benji Reid invites us to watch him at play as he creates live photography in this genre-bending show.

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023

50 Hours of Freedom
Contact | 14 July 2023

Celebrate International Non-Binary People’s Day with 50 Hours of Freedom, a creative lock-in at Contact for MIF23

Part of Manchester International Festival 2023