Meet the Historian and Broadcaster Dan Snow at The Manchester Museum

Meet the Historian and Broadcaster Dan Snow
The Manchester Museum
28th June 2023

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Why is ‘Ancient Egypt’ the subject of so much public fascination?

Manchester Museum is thrilled to be hosting TV historian Dan Snow in conversation with Dr Campbell Price, Curator of Egypt and Sudan.

Dan Snow is an award-winning TV presenter and podcaster. As well as a long and exciting career on national television he is the founder of the streaming service History Hit, a global platform to enjoy all things history from podcasts, TV documentaries to historic holidays and even a book club.

He was born and raised in London and remembers spending every weekend of his childhood being taken to castles, battlefields, country houses and churches.

Dan developed a great love of history which he went on to pursue at Oxford University. He left with a double first in history and started presenting military history programmes with his father, Peter Snow. Their series, Battlefield Britain, won a BAFTA award.

He currently hosts the award-winning Dan Snow’s History Hit podcast, one of the biggest history podcasts in the world and he recently presented a Channel 5 documentary marking the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun.

Golden Mummies of Egypt is Manchester Museum’s first international touring exhibition, which explores ideas about the afterlife during Egypt’s Graeco-Roman Period (c. 300 BCE-200 CE) and challenges some popular preconceptions about ‘Ancient Egypt’.

Dr Campbell Price is Curator of Egypt and Sudan, curator of the ‘Golden Mummies of Egypt’ exhibition and author of the accompanying book. Campbell is currently Chair of Trustees of the Egypt Exploration Society, the UK’s foremost charity supporting Egyptian cultural heritage.

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