Manchester Cyber Security Meetup at Circle Square

Manchester Cyber Security Meetup
Circle Square
17th April 2024

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Circle Square where Roku are based in Manchester

Each meetup will include a keynote speaker and an ‘Interesting Thing’. The ‘Interesting Thing’ will range from an innovative security update or project update from GFT or meetup members. Talking about all things security innovation and how security professionals are tackling day-to-day problems in the industry.

The GFT chair for this event will be Simon Newton. Simon leads GFT’s security practice. He has over 20 years of experience in various areas of IT and business verticals, including advertising, financial services, IT consulting and management. He has extensive experience of risk and compliance, master data management, identity and security, architecture and strategy, and business change. Before GFT, Simon worked in organisations including Microsoft, Barclays, Absa Group and Mimecast.


John Eccleshare, Head of Information Security – bet365

John is the Head of Information Security at bet365. He has over 20 years of experience within the field of cybersecurity, Data Protection and Regulatory compliance. This experience has been gained within Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Public sector, and the online gaming industry. John is accountable to the CEO for all things Information Security related across the bet365 business, responsible for leading a team of highly skilled professionals across multiple Info Sec disciplines. The role is broad in that it covers the technical aspects of delivering a safe and secure online business, creating, owning and delivering the Info Sec Strategy right through to consulting and mentoring. John will be discussing how he got into Information Security and sharing his experiences of how to navigate the transition into Info Sec including advice on training and some of the challenges faced.

Niomie Haynes, Commercial Manager – North West Cyber Resilience Centre

Niomie is the commercial manager at the North West Cyber Resilience Centre (NWCRC), specialising in assisting SMEs. Passionate about cybersecurity, she helps businesses understand and improve their resilience against cybercrime. Niomie’s expertise lies in crafting tailored strategies and guiding SMEs to implement effective security measures. The NWCRC, led by the North West Regional Organised Crime unit, is dedicated to empowering SMEs in cybersecurity. In this crucial role, they actively foster a safer digital environment for North West businesses. With over 1000 members across the North West, Niomie will be discussing what common issues businesses are facing and the solutions that are available.

Please join and help to build a great cyber security community in Manchester. Kindly hosted by Bruntwood SciTech.

Attendee data will be shared with GFT.

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