MLF: Jeremy Deller at HOME

MLF: Jeremy Deller
22nd October 2023

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His work is hilarious and touching’ – David Byrne.

One of the most innovative and playful artists of his generation, Jeremy Deller has spent his career believing that art is a ‘form of magic’ which makes ‘the mundane profound’. From Acid Brass to Sacrilege – an inflatable model of Stonehenge – to The Battle of Orgreave re-enactment to We’re Here Because We’re Here – the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme – to Manchester on Procession and What Is The City But the People? – created with MIF and the people of Manchester, Jeremy believes that ‘art is a way of staying engaged and in love with the world’. He joins us to talk about the power of imagination, creativity, collaboration, Manchester and his joyful book Art is Magic.

Jeremy won the 2004 Turner Prize for his work Memory Bucket and represented Britain in the 55th Venice Bienniale.

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