Head North: Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram in conversation at Alliance Manchester Business School

Head North: Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram in conversation
Alliance Manchester Business School
19th February 2024

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Blackwell’s is teaming up with the Alliance Manchester Business School to host a very special evening with Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and Mayor of the Liverpool City Region Steve Rotheram. The two Metro Mayors come together this 9th February to discuss their groundbreaking new book Head North: A Rallying Cry for a More Equal Britain.

About the book:

Britain is more unequal than ever before. If we’re ever going to fix this, we must take the power out of Westminster.

Looking North could change this, and the Mayors of Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City Region, Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram are leading this fight. For the first time, they share their experiences of modern British politics, from how the Hillsborough disaster shaped them and their time as MPs in Westminster witnessing its systematic flaws, to leaving to become Mayors up North, battling Boris Johnson during the Covid-19 pandemic, and creating a new vision for what Britain could be.

In Head North, they propose an ambitious ten-point plan to rewire and reimagine our country beyond the Westminster bubble. A timely discussion around Northern voices and culture, devolution and the failed promises of ‘levelling up’ from successive Tory Prime Ministers, Head North outlines how we can spread political and economic power throughout the UK and push forward for a fairer future.

The North will not sit on the sidelines any longer. It’s time for real change – and this is how we can achieve it!

Tickets are £8, or free when preordering a copy of the book, and are available in-store at Blackwell’s over at University Green.

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