Echobelly at Gorilla


After the maelstrom years of Britpop and their ensuing success as Echobelly, a series of experiences ensued that rock’n’roll would call its own, including death, drugs, theft and high court injunctions, Glenn and Sonya came through the storm to a time of reflection, re-positioning and reality: Where to go from here when the desire to write songs is stronger than ever but the business has changed considerably? Back to what you once knew. And that’s exactly what they did. A handful of acoustic shows took place in 2010 and two acoustic mini-albums were released in 2011 and 2012, with a full album planned to follow soon afterwards.

Before that could happen, however, Sonya and Glenn found themselves longing once again for the full-band experience and in 2015 Echobelly was resurrected. With a new-look line-up in place, a live show at London’s Scala was announced. It sold out and was quoted by fans as being one of the best-ever Echobelly shows. A proper return was in the pipeline.

Echobelly debuted in 1993 with their debut EP, Bellyache, on the independent Pandemonium label. The favourable response including gushing press reviews and sold-out gigs ensured the securing of a recording contract with Epic via their subsidiary, Rhythm King. Their first single was Insomniac and the album, Everyone’s Got One, reached number 8 in the UK album charts.

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