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54-56 Whitworth Street West
M1 5WW
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Opening Hours
  • Mon - 11am - 12pm
  • Tue - 11am - 12pm
  • Wed - 11am - 12pm
  • Thu - 11am - 1am
  • Fri - 11am - 2am
  • Sat - 9am - 2am
  • Sun - 9am - 12pm

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An image of bikes locked up outside the venue Gorilla
Gorilla © Sam Docke

Gorilla is a bar, kitchen and music venue that you’ll find under the railway tracks on Whitworth Street West. As a music venue, they stand alongside the very best in Manchester for booking critically acclaimed musicians and up and coming acts alongside popular club nights. 

From 11:30 am until late, you can enjoy their award-winning breakfasts, Sunday Roast, steaks, kebabs, burgers and more. Alongside delicious food, their drinks list offers cocktails, shakes, beers, fine wines and fair-trade coffees. They also have a mezzanine bar, called the Gin Parlour, where -surprise, surprise- you’ll find loads of the best gins from around the world that are as diverse as they come. 

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