Arlo Parks Presents The Magic Border at Contact

Arlo Parks Presents The Magic Border
9th September 2023

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Manchester Literature Festival is thrilled to present a special event with singer, songwriter and poet Arlo Parks. Following a Mercury Music Prize and Grammy nominations for her debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, and a second critically acclaimed album, My Soft Machine, Arlo brings us a taste of the poetry she’s quietly been writing for years.

In The Magic Border, Arlo shares twenty original poems, song lyrics and intimate images from collaborator, photographer Daniyel Lowden, offering rare insight into her creative process.

Writing poetry, to me, is about wading into the saltwater of your own body, capillaries bursting, eyes brimming, unmoored

Arlo Parks

Join Manchester Literature Festival at Contact to see Arlo read poems from The Magic Border and discuss her poetry, creativity and the way she explores and incorporates the queer experience, blackness, grief and love through her sublime work.

Manchester Literature Festival is a celebration of imagination, ideas, stories, and voices from around the world. It is part of Manchester’s rich cultural tapestry and is committed to bringing together the most exciting storytellers, poets, and thinkers for everyone to enjoy.

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