14% at Contact

14th October 2023 – 28th October 2023

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14% by Keisha Thompson at Contact

Step aboard a journey into British identity.

How do we find belonging? Football shirts? Baked bean sandwiches?

This tilting play will be a kick to the senses. Funny, frank and fragrant.

Set against the frenzy of the Lioness’ success. This multi-sensory play invites you on a journey inside the confines of a post-match train carriage. Follow British footballer Nadia and her unnamed, unborn Baby. Prepare for a layered audio-visual experience where internal and external pressures rise.

Lean in close and eavesdrop on the clashing voices and beliefs of other passengers. 14% is a claustrophobic snapshot of the common and clashing identities that define and confine us.

With meticulous attention to detail, this thought-provoking production challenges us to reflect on what we use to feel British. When does it matter? When are we in charge?

A Keisha Thompson debut, directed by Nathan Powell, produced by cece rx, soundscaped by Werkha.

14% is a collaboration with the National Football Museum and supported by The Old Courts (Wigan).

Photography by Paddy Clugston, show image designed by Kate Davies.

Generously supported by Arts Council England

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