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Watercycle Technologies

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Based at Graphene Engineering & Innovation Centre, Watercycle Technologies develops advanced membranes and innovative filtration systems to produce valuable minerals and clean water.

With a strong ethics-based business model, Watercycle is positioned to deliver profitable commercial solutions centred on sustainability, environmental protection, and remediation. Its experienced R&D team, led by Dr Seb Leaper and Dr Ahmed Abdelkarim, is targeting industries including mining, desalination, agriculture, textiles, and food and beverage. Notably, the modular technology delivers dramatic reductions in costs and carbon emissions with the main by-product being fresh potable water.

The team is focused on commercialising unique technologies that can also achieve real-world change. With awards including the Eli & Britt Harari Graphene Enterprise Award and an Innovate UK Smart Grant, Watercycle Technologies is entering its next phase of growth, looking to commercialise its patented technology and provide sustainable solutions to mineral extraction and water processing.

Watercycle Technologies is committed to reducing the environmental cost of mineral extraction and increasing the availability of clean water.

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