Toxic at HOME

18th October 2023 – 28th October 2023

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Not another play about gay pride shame 

This is the story of how we met, fell in love, and f*cked it up. But it’s not just our story. It’s his, and his and theirs. Maybe it’s yours… Maybe.

Manchester 2017. In the middle of a hot and sweaty queer warehouse party, two damaged hearts collide. He is white, HIV+ and drowning in shame. They are mixed, queer and one microaggression away from a full-on breakdown. Born at the height of the Aids epidemic and growing up in the shadow of Section 28, the pair form a trauma bond so tight they might just survive it all. But sometimes survival means knowing when to leave.

This beautiful and explosive semi-autobiographical show written by Nathaniel J Hall (First Time, It’s A Sin) and performed by Nathaniel with Joshua-Susan Enright blends storytelling (dir. by Scott Le Crass), movement (Plaster Cast), stunning design (Lu Herbert), visual projections (dede././), and an original pumping soundtrack by SHAR.

Pulling back the glittery curtain of pride to reveal a place where many still suffer the devastating impact of generational HIV stigma, racism, homophobia and toxic gender norms, this powerful and passionate play inspired by true events celebrates survival and the resilience of the queer spirit.

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