The Wicked Problem at The Manchester Museum

The Wicked Problem
The Manchester Museum
26th October 2023

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Ergon Theatre Wicked Problem at Manchester Museum

As part of their student programme, Manchester Museum presents an exciting collaboration between one of the UK’s leading climate theatre companies, Ergon Theatre, and Manchester Museum. The Wicked Problem is a gripping interactive performance set in the future focusing on climate justice, where the audience acts as a jury.

Welcome to 2061. Living under a new authoritarian green government, ‘Ergon’, you will witness the first-ever trial of an individual who has broken a climate law. As you arrive at Manchester Museum, enter a reimagined Living Worlds gallery created in a series of workshops with University of Manchester students and Ergon Theatre.

You will then be invited into the courtroom and take your seat as a jury member. After hearing from witnesses across Greater Manchester and beyond, you will be asked whether the defendant should be punished for what they did or be allowed to return home.

Reviews have described The Wicked Problem as ‘a chilling reality of what could happen if we don’t make a change’ as well as ‘thought-provoking, urgent, quirky and terrifying’.

The Wicked Problem was first performed to sell-out audiences in November 2021 at Contact during COP26. The show was made in collaboration with climate scientists and experts from around the globe with the support of Julie’s Bicycle, Season For Change, ReCon Producers, Arts Admin, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Urbact C-Change, Manchester City Council, Contact Theatre and GMAST.

Post-show discussion

This performance will be followed by a post-show discussion about the themes in the show chaired by Manchester Museum’s Social Justice Manager, Chloe Cousins.

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