The New Arrivals at Number 70 Oxford Street

The New Arrivals
Number 70 Oxford Street
21st October 2021 – 23rd October 2021

Get here sustainably
A comic character walking beneath the words 'EVERYTHING IS A DEAD-END' from The New Arrivals
© Francis Desharnais

6-10pm, free, no booking required

The windows of Number 70 Oxford Street, the former Cornerhouse building, become giant frames for a comic strip, backlit so that passersby can appreciate it at night. Commissioned by Manchester City of Literature, three comic artists Sayra Begum (Nottingham), Ian Bobb (Manchester) and Francis Desharnais (Quebec), each representing a UNESCO City of Literature, have brought to life a treatment by poet, playwright and fiction writer Pete Kalu. In The New Arrivals, you find yourself wandering the Oxford Road Corridor, disorientated. What is this place? Everything spins – data – students – taxis – radio frequencies – bikes – all zoom past. Is this heaven or hell? Can you survive?

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