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The Goonies
19th December 2021

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A screenshot of the cast of The Goonies looking at a map to One Eyed Willie's treasure

In order to save their homes from being repossessed, a group of friends set out on an adventure to find the lost fortune of a legendary 17th-century pirate, One-Eyed Willy. Unfortunately, The Fratelli crime family are also after the treasure.

The brave adventurers must stay one step ahead of their pursers and navigate a series of deadly booby traps in order to get to the treasure first.

The Goonies arguably tops the list of loved works by director Richard Donner, no mean feat considering his filmography includes Superman The Movie (and a not seen enough 2006 cut of Superman II), Scrooged, the Lethal Weapon series and The Omen. Produced and written by Steven Spielberg with a screenplay from Chris Columbus (Home Alone), The Goonies is a film which, for many of a certain age, captures growing up in the 1980s. We grew up in North West England, not Oregon, we didn’t go on treasure-hunting adventures but somehow this film is how we remember our childhood.

That’s the reason while we’ll be watching The Goonies this and every other Christmas as long as HOME keep showing it!

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