Tasting children’s literature – An edible readathon at Manchester Central Library

Tasting children’s literature – An edible readathon
Manchester Central Library
11th June 2023

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From the apple that Snow White should not have bitten and the drink that makes Alice’s trip to Wonderland possible to the feast gobbled by the very hungry little caterpillar in Eric Carle’s now classic 1969 story and the nut that the mouse finally gets to savour in Julia Donaldson’s contemporary classic The Gruffalo, food has long played a central role in children’s literature.

“Tasting Children’s Literature: An Edible Read-A-Thon” will be an immersive experience and read-a-thon of classic and contemporary children’s literature aimed at young children up to the age of 8.

The workshop will engage children in drawing pictures of and telling stories about the foods that come to life in their favourite stories, as well as the foods that mean most to them and their communities.

This event is presented by academics and students in the University of Manchester’s Programme in American Studies, in partnership with Creative Manchester.

Please book one ticket per child.

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