Secrets of the University of Manchester at The University of Manchester

Secrets of the University of Manchester
The University of Manchester
10th October 2024

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‘A little learning is a dangerous thing’ as Alexander Pope wrote, but in Manchester, a lot of learning has become a very beautiful thing indeed. The University of Manchester (UoM) has a total of around 44,000 students and a magnificent roll call of achievement including 25 Nobel Laureates. There’s epic architecture old and new to match all that learning. On this tour, you will visit some of the superb university buildings including the old quadrangle with Whitworth Hall and Christie’s Bistro, as well as nip into the fabulous neo-Gothic pile that is the Holy Name Church which contains one of the more spectacular interiors of any North West of England church.

This tour is not just about the much older structures as well, the 1960s interior of the Royal Northern College of Music repays a visit, as does MEC-D. This place, the Manchester Engineering Campus Development, opened its doors in early 2022 and is perhaps the most spectacular university engineering building in the world right now. There’s a room in there that can make lightening.

It’s not just about the buildings either, everywhere you turn there is a story to tell of the great and good from around the world who have contributed to Manchester life. Everywhere you turn there are also achievements to be talked about with have influenced global life. Meanwhile, in the last few years, both UoM and Manchester Metropolitan Museum have embarked on a landscaping project that creates beauty around their buildings. The result is that this part of the south city centre has become arguably the most attractive of all city districts. This tour will reveal the beauty, and the grandeur and tell the story.

Meet: University of Manchester entrance, Oxford Road
Finish: All Saints Park
Duration: 2 hours (as a maximum)

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