RNCM Chopin Prize at Royal Northern College of Music

RNCM Chopin Prize
Royal Northern College of Music
15th March 2022

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RNCM Chopin Prize

Join RNCM for an evening of exceptional piano music. Their annual Chopin Prize sees finalists from the School of Keyboard Studies showcase their skills in honour of this virtuoso pianist and his compositions.

Chopin famously played just one concert in Manchester at the prestigious Manchester Gentleman’s Concert Hall in August 1848 to one of his largest audiences. Reviewed by the Manchester Guardian, he was warmly received and made a strong impression on the Manchester music scene with his playing.

A statue of Chopin by artist Ludwika Nitschowa can be found on the RNCM concourse, erected in 1973 in honour of the 125th anniversary of his appearance in Manchester.

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