RhythmXchange at The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum
17th March 2023 – 18th March 2023

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Guitar legend Aziz Ibrahim will be part of RhythmXchange

RhythmXchange will premiere musical collaborations including J.A.V.A and Jay’s Jam with Johnny Jay and guitar legend Aziz Ibrahim, as well as headliners Gracie T and Chande.

The launch event at Manchester Museum on Friday 17 March features the UK premiere performance from J.A.V.A and celebrated DJs Chande and Gracie T headlining.

Day 2 of the RhythmXchange Festival on Saturday 18 March is family-friendly. You can learn anything from traditional dance techniques of Kathak with Guru Kajal Sharma to mixing with Daytimers DJ Vindya, as well as curated performances by Manchester Museum’s very own OSCH young people’s collective, from R&B with Joash to spoken word with Maya Chowdury. The after-hours session introduces an experimental Jam Session with Johnny J guitar legend Aziz Ibrahim before closing the night with J.A.V.A’s final public performance on the night.

RhythmXChange is a year-long collaborative project conceived by Manchester Museum and Indian Music Experience, Bangalore, supported by the British Council. The project explores rhythm as a shared language between East and West. As a culmination of the project, Manchester Museum is proud to host the two-day-long RhythmXChange Festival, celebrating youth voices and emerging and renowned artists based in the North.

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