Research café: Collaborative Creative Practice Research at Contact

Research café: Collaborative Creative Practice Research
21st June 2023

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Keisha Thompson
© Audrey Albert

What are the opportunities, common ground and difficulties afforded to creative practitioners and researchers working together? In this research café, three leading figures in their field will reflect on their experiences of collaborative interdisciplinary creative work, and how that experience has shaped their approaches to this work subsequently.

Historian Prof Anindita Ghosh has recently worked on recent Bangladeshi migration and music in the North-West (stemming from preliminary research on music, migration and urban history in a nineteenth-century colonial Indian context). Her project involved working with a theatre group and co-producing a play which ran in Oldham in the summer of 2022.

Prof Liam Harte’s research on emigrant autobiography led him to develop a theatre project, grounded in the material uncovered by his research, My English Tongue, My Irish Heart, which toured the UK and Ireland.

Keisha Thompson is a poet, performer, playwright and Director of Contact Theatre, as well as an Honorary Fellow at the University of Manchester. Her work for theatre includes a project developed with BoxofTricks, The Bell Curves, which draws on her collaboration with researchers into the human implications of CRISPR-Cas 9 gene-hacking technology.

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