Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People at Contact

Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People
1st December 2023 – 2nd December 2023

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Nine Lessons

Hosted by comedian Robin Ince and featuring a plethora of incredible (often secret!) guests, expect a night of science, comedy, music and mayhem at Contact. From physics to folk, maths to mirth, Christmas to chemistry, and everything else in between. As ever, all profits will go to charity. Previous guests have included Brian Cox, Jim Al-Khalili, Helen Czerski, Josie Long, Sara Pascoe, Chris Jackson, Grace Petrie and Robyn Hitchcock. Who might show up this year….?

Robin Ince’s groundbreaking creation was born in 2007 and this much-loved end-of-year tradition plays annually to sold-out live audiences each year, pandemics permitting.

The aim of the show is to promote curiosity and wonder of the world, and Universe, around us. There is a delight to be found in everything from quantum physics to puppetry to folk music to mathematics to absurdist comedy to poetry to biology to jazz to, well, to everything. The only prerequisite for Nine Lessons is an inquiring mind. As Robin says, ‘If you show people interesting things, they will be interested’.

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