Music and Poetry with Mireia Calafell and Björt Rùnars at Manchester Poetry Library

Music and Poetry with Mireia Calafell and Björt Rùnars
Manchester Poetry Library
7th April 2022

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Music and Poetry with Mireia Calafell and Björt Rùnars

You are invited to spend an evening of music and poetry with Catalan Poet Mireia Calafell, as she performs her stunning work ‘Varosha’ accompanied by musician Björt Rùnars. The pair started work together for a recital improvising the cello music to accompany Mireia’s beautiful and intense poetry. These experiments continued and resulted in their project ‘Varosha’ where poetry and music are entwined in a recital performance. The performance will be in Catalan with English translation available. The evening will begin with an introduction by Jova Bagioli Reyes.

Mireia Calafell Mireia Calafell (Barcelona, 1980) is one of the most celebrated Catalan poets. Since her debut in 2006, she published several books (including Poètiques del cos, Tantes mudes and Nosaltres, qui) and was honored with some of the most important awards in Catalan poetry. Her works were included in different anthologies published in UK, Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands and Spain. Bjòrt Rünars Björt Rùnars (Björt Rúnarsdóttir) is an Icelandic cellist and soundscaper based in Barcelona. With roots in the classical world and branches leading to experimentation explores the world of music in its many forms with her cello. Jova Bagioli Reyes Jova is a queer Chilean-Columbian poet based in Manchester and also a Manchester Multilingual City Poet as nominated as part of International Multilingual day. Jova will be co-curating a Spanish collection for us focusing on South American poetry, including some indigenous languages.

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