Lunchtime Lectures: Make a new beginning at Contact

Lunchtime Lectures: Make a new beginning
30th June 2023

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Exterior image of Contact Theatre on Oxford Road Corridor
Contact Theatre

Various researchers will grace the ARMR Cafe and Kitchen at Contact every Friday to tell us about their vast research. Who knows what you might learn as you tuck into the tasty Caribbean vegan menu?

Creating a better world through inclusion in the arts and humanities by Dr Jessica Gagnon, Manchester Institute of Education

“We can start all over in the new beginning

We can learn, we can teach, we can share

The myths, the dreams, the prayers

The notion that we can do better

Change our lives and paths

Create a new world”

Tracy Chapman, New Beginning

How do we collectively imagine a better world and forge new paths together, if we do not first discuss inclusion?

Who has been welcomed to do the imagining and whose voices, ideas, hopes, and dreams are still missing?

This presentation will explore what more inclusive arts and humanities could bring to a new beginning in a post-pandemic world.

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