Light-Up at The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum
17th January 2024

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Light Up University of Manchester (1)
From 18:24, representing 1824, the founding year of The University of Manchester, a pathway of light will illuminate iconic places and spaces on its campus and beyond in the university’s signature colour: purple.
To brighten up the start of 2024, The University of Manchester is inviting staff, students, local alumni and communities to wrap up warm and take an evening stroll along the pathway from Engineering Building A, along Oxford Road to the Whitworth Hall – perhaps discovering a few surprises along the way.
Visitors are then invited to come in from the winter’s night to enjoy free, light-filled festivities at a unique ‘Museum Late’ at Manchester Museum from 6pm to 9pm. The evening offers something for everyone with curated tours, hands-on experiences, uplifting poetry readings and illuminating music.
Performances will include a recital of a specially commissioned bicentenary poem by its writer, alumna Rebecca Hurst and an experiential set by alumnus David McFarlane and associated musicians, who use music and light to visualise the experience of chromesthesia – a condition where sound evokes an experience of colour, shape and movement.
The university’s wider international community will also join in the celebrations, with light-up events taking place from Dubai to Hong Kong.
This marks the start of what will be a memorable year for both The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, celebrating their bicentenary in 2024.

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