Joe Goddard at Yes

Joe Goddard
27th January 2024

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Joe Goddard at Yes

Joe Goddard has had a triumphant electro-indie career since co-founding Hotchip alongside Alexis Taylor at the turn of the millennium. Across a rich two-decade career, he has showcased a remarkable talent for seamlessly merging electronic and indie influences into an infectiously catchy musical tapestry.

Goddard’s solo pursuits underscore his versatility and innovative spirit, a testament to his commitment to pushing musical boundaries. His solo works, highlighted by 2017’s excellent “Electric Lines” album, capture a dynamic blend of beats, soulful melodies, and clever lyricism. Whether crafting poppy dance floor anthems or soul-stirring introspective ballads, Goddard’s talent for consistently knocking out electro bangers is something quite special.

Catch him DJing at YES this January.

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