Jarman at HOME at HOME

Jarman at HOME
30th January 2022 – 10th March 2022

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A still from Glitterbug, a film showing as part of Jaraman at HOME
As part of a collaboration with Manchester Art Gallery and their Protest! exhibition, HOME has programmed a retrospective of Derek Jarman, one of the most influential figures in contemporary British culture.

A set designer, author, gardener and filmmaker who merged avant-garde practices with a painterly approach to cinema composition and framing, Jarman was also a pivotal and pioneering figure in gay rights activism.

Comprising all of his features as director – and some other delights to reflect his work with key musicians of the day – Jarman at HOME will also feature some special guests and speakers.

Jarman at HOME is curated by Rachel Hayward and Jason Wood. See HOME’s website for full details.

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