Is Anybody Out There? at The Old Abbey Taphouse

Is Anybody Out There?
The Old Abbey Taphouse
24th May 2023

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Are aliens real? Are we all alone in the universe? Did E.T. ever make it home? For one night only, in the comfort of your local pub, join us to discover the different ways Manchester’s researchers are searching for extraterrestrial life!

Finding habitable exoplanets – the possibilities and the challenges
Akshay Priyadarshi (PhD Student, The University of Manchester)
More than 5300 exoplanets have been detected so far, and we also know that there could be billions more of them in our galaxy. One of the most intriguing questions in this context is how many of these exoplanets could support life. In this talk, we will discuss the methods used to detect and characterise these distant worlds. We will also explore the research on exoplanet demographics and how it can tell us about the prevalence of habitable exoplanets.

Studying Alien Habitats on Earth: Analogues!
Toni Galloway (PhD Student, The University of St Andrews and The University of Manchester)
There are certain “extreme” environments found on Earth that push life to its absolute limits – showing us just how resilient it can be. Microbes can survive (and even flourish) in these harsh environments. But what if those habitats were also found on another planet/moon? What if Mars had acidic hot springs like those in Iceland, and Jupiter’s moon Europa contained a freezing, salty subsurface ocean similar to springs in the Arctic? By studying the analogues for these environments on Earth we can understand what life requires to survive in them, and what signs they might leave behind.

Astrobiology: from building blocks to alien worlds
Joaquin Perez-Grande (Molecular Biology Student and President of the Astrobiology Society, The University of Manchester)
Embark on a thought-provoking journey through astrobiology – from the origins of life on Earth to the search for life beyond our solar system. We will explore three of the greatest questions of our time: What is life? How does life begin? Is there life out there? Discover the latest research and breakthroughs in the field as we delve into the key ingredients for the emergence of life, its diversity and limits, and the prospects for finding extraterrestrial life. Join us as we attempt to unlock the answers to some of the mysteries of the universe!

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