Inspired by Libraries with Linda Brogan at Manchester Central Library

Inspired by Libraries with Linda Brogan
Manchester Central Library
10th June 2023

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Inspired by Libraries with Linda Brogan

Linda will be discussing how her pursuit of memories led to the excavation of the Reno Club, renowned in the 1970s for being the best soul and funk club in Manchester and a space for young mixed-race Mancunian who often weren’t welcome elsewhere; an exhibition at The Whitworth; and now a book, 12 Words, published by Bluemoose Books.

Authors Carmen, Tia and Catherine were part of the 2016 Reno excavation that took place 30 years after the club was demolished and have written 12 Words alongside Linda, in the process unlocking truths, secrets and confessions.

Bluemoose Books will be selling books on the night.

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