Idle Hours at YES

Idle Hours
3rd December 2022

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Idle Hours band portrait

With quizzical social commentary, Idle Hours culminate the sense of cruising rhythm with jagged guitar and melody. Hailing from four unique English towns, the band are relative newcomers to the current indie and post-punk landscapes, with the band having developed a sound that blends genre, creating engaging and energised music that is turning heads. 

A culmination of four individual singles released over the course of a year, this is Idle Hours first major body of work highlighting their flexibility and uniqueness in sound and character. The driving, motorik-infused rhythms of French Disconnection and Souvenirs, to the melodic Made Flesh, and the infectious Televangelist leave you craving more. Four songs inspired by science-fiction novels, religious exploitation, extraterrestrials in theme parks and the desire to escape from reality. Lyrically, a mixture of social observation and fantasy set over a backdrop of fuzzy guitars and a kraut-esque rhythm section. Call it indie-rock, call it post-punk; it’s guitar music.

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