Fully Awake 6.6 at The Holden Gallery

Fully Awake 6.6
The Holden Gallery
5th November 2021 – 17th December 2021

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Ken Kiff, Orange Sun, 1983. © Estate of Ken Kiff

Curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye for Teaching Painting.

Fully Awake 6.6 is the final show of a six-part intergenerational cycle of exhibitions involving academics, artists and art educators in the UK. In each version of the show, several artists are invited to submit a piece of work to be included in an exhibition. In addition to submitting a piece of work themselves, the artists are also asked to invite two ‘guests’ (each of whom will also submit work for exhibition) with the following conditions: one must be an artist that they have been taught by; and one must be an artist that they have taught. This unorthodox invitational approach creates unexpected fluid networks through collaborations and the exhibitions are intended to reveal these.

Open at Holden Gallery Monday – Friday, 12 noon – 6pm.


David Alker with Michael Brick and Inga Lineviciute
Eliza Bonham Carter with John Dougill and Sarah Poots
Graham Chorlton with Michael Brick and Jack Foster
Dan Coombs with Ken Kiff and Fatemah Bagherian
James Green with John Strutton and Hannah Short
Atsuhide Ito with Mick Finch and Harriet Poznansky
Peter Layzell with Roger Woodiwiss and Abi Hampsey
Donal Moloney with Lisa Milroy and Stephanie Carr
Kathleen Mullaniff with Mario Dubsky and Liz Arnold
Sarah Pickstone with Prunella Clough and Sara Anstis
Wayne Robinson with Tom McGuirk and Amy Robinson
Gary Simmonds with Peter Lloyd Lewis and Conor Rogers
John Strutton with Alan Miller and Stephen Dunne
Ruth Sumner with John Lancaster and Tom Robertson
Sue Williams with Terry Setch and Geraint Ross Evans.

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