Flip The Script at Contact

Flip The Script
27th March 2023

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Flip The Script

Flip the script is back! This new look version has some changes but the heart’s the same.

This year, Contact Young Company will block and perform 4 new pieces of writing all in one day! The writers are challenged to respond to Contact’s 50th Anniversary by creating short 10-15min works based on the number 50.

Come and join this special event for World Theatre Day, see some new work and have your say.


Would you like to see your work performed on Contact’s main stage? The theatre is challenging writers to respond to their 50th Anniversary by creating short 10-15min works based on the number 50.

The writing can be suitable for solo or group performance and will be selected and performed by the brilliant Young Company for World Theatre Day!

Learn more and apply at this link here!

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