Fiesta De Las Artes at Sandbar

Fiesta De Las Artes
9th June 2023 – 10th June 2023

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An image of a sign outside Sandbar on the Oxford Road Corridor
© Sandbar

This weekend The Bread Shed and Sandbar team up for Fiesta De Las Artes, a two-day arts festival centred around the Grosvenor Street bars.

Over at Sandbar, it’s all free, all weekend. Expect DJs, poetry and acoustic music as well as art installations, exhibitions, workshops and even live graffiti. Stop by for spoken word, activist events and of course, the very best beer and pizza combo in Manchester. They’re also throwing an after-party on Friday for the launch of The Degree Show.

The Bread Shed will host the music with tickets for each day £8 or just £15 for a two-day pass. Musicians include E.coli (Amen4Tekno), Tokky Horror (Virtual Hardcore/Punk), Safoh and Gata Diabla (Mexicancore), Pixl (Jungle Syndicate), Dr…um (Amen-tal & Pinecone Moonshine) Atlas and K.Super (Certain Sounds and Repertoire), Beatxo (HELLDROP), Earl Grey (Western Lore & Inperspective), Matheus (Mobcore & LLTA & Sociopath)
GlitchGirl & Shoebill (Hard rave, Multigenre & Capybara style), Jamin Nimjah (BBL & Core Collective), Fidget and the Twitchers (Spicy Ska Punk), Stereo Nuttah (LLTA & Hangry). 2 Prang Clan (LLTA & Hangry Records & IRD), R.S.S, Zoya Destroya (Mexicancore), Cyril Sneer (Hip-hop), Gypsyndicate (Contraband Circus). Tram Sandwich (Electronic, Punk, Hip hop & Breaks) and Neuro Sis (Acoustic).

They’ll also be hosting live art performances and art installations.

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