Fat White Family at YES

Fat White Family
7th September 2023

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Fat White Family
Photograph: Sarah Piantadosi

Fat White Family is an audacious and genre-defying musical collective that emerged from the vibrant underground scene in South London. Formed in 2011, the band gained notoriety for their wild and unpredictable live performances, drawing from various influences, including post-punk, psychedelic rock, garage, and electronic music.

Their music is a raucous blend of gritty guitar riffs, hypnotic rhythms, and fearless lyricism, often tackling taboo subjects with a sardonic edge. The band’s lineup features an ever-evolving cast of eccentric characters, each contributing unique energy to the group’s dynamic sound.

Notorious for pushing boundaries, The Fat White Family’s music resonates with a sense of rebellion and raw authenticity. Tracks like “Touch the Leather” and “Whitest Boy on the Beach” showcase their ability to traverse between manic energy and introspective moments; while their sonic experimentation is a hallmark, it’s their unapologetic ethos and ability to challenge societal norms that truly set them apart.

The Fat White Family’s journey has been marked by controversy, lineup changes, and a cult-like following that revels in their chaotic charm. By defying categorisation and embracing the unconventional, they continue to leave an indelible mark. Don’t miss them at Yes this September.

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