Emmeline’s Birthday Party at The Pankhurst Centre

Emmeline’s Birthday Party
The Pankhurst Centre
16th July 2023

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Pankhurst Centre garden

The Pankhurst Centre is an iconic site of women’s activism, past and present. Emmeline Pankhurst and her family lived at number 62 Nelson Street from 1898 until 1907, and the very first meeting of the movement that became known as the Suffragettes took place in the parlour of this house in 1903.

The Pankhurst Centre is the only place where members of the public can visit a former home of the Pankhurst family and is the only museum dedicated to telling the story of women’s suffrage. With a new interpretation and exciting and immersive exhibition installed in 2021, the museum tells the story of the Pankhurst Family at Home. You can sit in the parlour where the first meeting of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) took place – which later became known as the Suffragette Movement.

Saved, rebuilt, and run by women, the Pankhurst Centre is a testament to the importance of the story of women’s campaign for the right to vote, and the power it has to inspire action today. Visit to learn about the history of the fight for women’s suffrage and be inspired to fight for change now.

Please consider making a DONATION of £5 (or any other amount) when booking. This helps to provide free tickets for others and continue to share the story of the Pankhurst family and the Suffragettes as widely as possible.

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