Demob Happy at YES

Demob Happy
9th September 2023

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An electrifying blend of alternative rock and grunge, Demob Happy visits Yes this September. Formed in 2008 in Newcastle, the band consists of Matthew Marcantonio (vocals, bass), Adam Godfrey (vocals, guitar), Mathew Renforth (vocals, guitar) and Tom Armstrong (drums). Demob Happy has quickly gained momentum, captivating audiences with raw, energetic shows.

In 2015 they relocated to Brighton, where their creativity soared to new heights. That year, the band released their debut album, Dream Soda, receiving critical acclaim for its innovative sound and introspective lyrics. Demob Happy’s music combines the boldness of ’90s grunge with a contemporary edge, earning them a dedicated fan base and positive press from music critics worldwide.

With subsequent releases like Holy Doom (2018) and latest album Divine Machines (2023), the band continued to evolve, honing their distinctive sound and lyrical depth. Their live shows became legendary, attracting an ever-growing following.

Demob Happy’s unique style and unapologetic attitude toward their craft have firmly established them as a force to be reckoned with in the modern rock scene. As they continue to push musical boundaries and explore new artistic avenues, their legacy as a boundary-breaking British band is cemented, inspiring future generations of rock enthusiasts.

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