Chartreuse at Yes

8th November 2023

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Chartreuse Band

Hailing from the Black Country, Chartreuse are Hattie Wilson, Mike Wagstaff, Rory Wagstaff, and Perry Lovering. Their sound can be described as ambient dark-pop, at the same time keeping the classic sounds of folk, soul and jazz genres that influence them.

Chartreuse’s founding members were Wagstaff and Wilson. They started out writing folk music together in 2013. They then expanded to a four-piece in the summer of 2014, with the addition of their rhythm section: Bass and Keyboard player Perry Lovering and finally drummer Rory Wagstaff .

The four musicians have a very close friendship, Rory and Michael are brothers, and Harriet and Perry are childhood friends who over the years have crossed paths in previous musical projects.

Friends before they were a band and inseparable before they even spoke of forming it. Their music oozes warmth, intimacy and melancholy. Loosely fronted by the alternate vocals of Mike and Hattie, these are thoughts, feelings and curiosities initially scrawled out on paper scraps and songs that act as their writers’ own personal therapy.

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