A Nightmare on Nelson Street at The Pankhurst Centre

A Nightmare on Nelson Street
The Pankhurst Centre
26th October 2023

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The Pankhurst Centre in Manchester will be taking a trip down memory lane inspired by the intrigue and mystery of Halloween when A Nightmare on Nelson Street takes place on Thursday 26 October. The evening starts with a history walk and talk around the streets of the Pankhurst Centre and concludes at the museum for some spooky suffragette stories and hot drinks.

Nelson Street is now world famous for being the former home of Emmeline Pankhurst, where she lived from 1898 to 1907, but the tour will illuminate some of its darker mysteries and curious secrets. For example, the area was once the unlikely location for a perfume factory and in years gone by was the home of a famous medical museum.

Hannah Priest, Engagement Officer for the Pankhurst Museum, says, “The streets around the Pankhurst Centre hold some fascinating tales and it is these that will be stepping back in time to uncover with a nod to the spirit of Halloween.”

Nightmare on Nelson Street starts at 6pm and concludes at 8.30pm over cups of cocoa. The evening is for 18years+ and is designed to be spooky, not scary so that all can enjoy it.

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