July 2019

Royal Northern College of Music and Abbey Road Institute join forces for an exciting collaboration

Students on RNCM’s Popular Music programme will have the unique chance to work with students on the Abbey Road Institute’s Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, as well as receiving advice from industry legends.

“Abbey Road is such an iconic British studio, where some of the most important and influential popular music of all time was and is still created. The session was an incredible learning experience and to be able to work with a producer of Haydn’s experience and expertise was truly inspiring”

Andy Stott, RNCM Head of Popular Music

It all started when Andy Stott, RNCM Head of Popular Music, took the Joe Keegan Band for a recording session at Abbey Road Studio Two with students from the Institute.

The band, already signed to Norther Quarter Records and comprising current students, paired up with producer and Abbey Road Institute guest lecturer and double Grammy award winner Haydn Bendall to show their peers what can be achieved during a day’s recording. The students got to experience a professional coaching session with an experienced producer, using some of the finest recording equipment, and from breaking down song structure to writing Hammond organ parts, the session was a burst of creative energy.

Mike Sinnott, Abbey Road Institute London Campus Manager, has described the experience as mutually beneficial for both parties, providing students with the chance to work in the iconic Abbey Road Studios and cultivate creative relationships that will shape the future of popular music.